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Parenting in busy lives can be hard and overwhelming. Especially for parents who have experienced trauma or stress.


There are specific strategies proven to help parents feel and be more effective in parenting their children. Problem behaviors will lessen, and those positive behaviors you are hoping for can become everyday routines.


Parenting Milestones in Coaching


Identify your parenting values are you intentionally working to instill the value of "hard work" or "compassion" in your children?


Effective communication to get the behaviors you want and experience increased cooperation. What words are you using to describe tasks to children?


Responding to Emotions this includes how you respond to your own, and how to use specific skills in helping your child work through theirs.


Improve daily routines are there regular times during the week and you think it should just be easier!? Setting children up for success means creating ways for them to know what you expect from them so they can follow through.  

Relationship based boundaries the word discipline means "to teach." How are you teaching your children about what is ok behavior and what isn't acceptable? Let's help you feel like you are saying "no, stop that!!" less often.

These are just a few of the milestones parents discover and improve in coaching. I'd love to help you find that spark in parenting to create positive and nurturing relationships with your children!

Patty is certified in evidence-based Adaptive Parenting Tools (ADAPT) based on GenerationPMTO with more than 50 years of research. She was trained through the University of Minnesota and travels the nation facilitating parent classes and training other clinicians in ADAPT. 

This method of parent coaching provides skills in effective communication, family problem solving, positive involvement, limit setting and mindfulness. This curriculum is excellent for parents, grandparents, guardians and foster parents.

To schedule your free 15 minute consultation call 651-208-2930 or email Coach Patty:

Mother and Daughter Love

Coaching provides new strategies to increase cooperation and find joy in parenting

Coaching vs. Therapy

Parent coaching focuses on the present and does not diagnose. Coaching leads the parent through various skills and techniques to create more peaceful and enjoyable parenting.


Therapy often uses past experiences to work through how those are impacting your relationships today. Parent coaching, while taking those in to consideration, does not focus on the past and instead provides in the moment effective strategies.

"Coaching leads the parent through various skills and techniques to create more peaceful and enjoyable parenting"
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