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Misty Slopes



Life has to feel better than this. Are you struggling with making it through each day? Finding a good fit for a therapist can be challenging and feel intimidating. You've already made a huge step forward if you are reading this and making those first steps to making changes in your life. 

Patty utilizes research-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and EMDR.  Do you find yourself struggling in relationships whether friendship or romantic? Many people do and there are proven ways to increase connection with others by learning new skills, techniques, and thought processes. Let's work together to increase your happiness and joy. 


Research shows the most effective therapy includes a strong therapeutic relationship. Effective therapy means there is a foundation of trust, empathy and respect. Patty offers a free 15 minute consultation for individuals to identify goals and challenges and make sure there is a good fit and that we can meet your goals for therapy.


To schedule your free consultation text or call 651-208-2930 or e-mail: 

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