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Finding a couple's therapist can be challenging. Research shows the most effective therapy includes a strong therapeutic relationship. I offer a free 30 minute consultation for all couples to identify goals and challenges and make sure there is a good fit. I enjoy working with a diverse range of families and couples and passionately support LGBTQIA relationships. There are all types of amazing families and would love to work with yours!

Therapy provided includes research-based Gottman therapy for couples focusing on strengths and connection. Another important aspect in connected relationships is attachment style and how a person learns to be loved and love in return. Part of couples therapy includes understanding how feelings show up in our communication and behaviors and how to manage conflict with specific techniques.

Are you a couple that experiences conflict that escalates to a point of not talking, or find it hard to manage your emotions when attempting to problem solve with your partner? Let's work together to help you show up the way you would like to be, and find proven, evidenced bases strategies to resolve conflict. My specific training in managing conflict includes working with military families, special forces and am no stranger to tough challenges. This is my specialty in helping couples learn new ways to manage conflict. Let's bring back communication and problem solving to your relationship!


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