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Helping couples and parents achieve healing relationships together 

Evergreen Therapy and Coaching provides in person and online therapy by a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and certified Parent Coach.

All services are trauma informed as defined by the National Institutes of Health. Call or text 651-208-2930 today to set up a free consultation.  Schedule online here:
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Couple with their Baby

I want to feel like this...what happened to us!?

Do you as a couple find yourselves arguing over every little thing? Couples often find themselves in the battle to be heard. Are you left wondering after a fight how the heck it escalated so quickly? Or, why can't I just stay calm!? How did we end up here, we used to be so happy. These are the types of situations I often hear from couples wanting to decrease the arguments and increase the intimacy in their relationship.















I commonly hear couples say to me they just can't agree on problem solving solutions. Couples counseling is mixed with proven couples strategies to get you both back on track to where you want your relationship to be. There are specific, proven ways to help have the conversation of getting on the same page with couple's goals and strengths. We've all got them! Let's work together to help you all find common ground. Call or text 651-208-2930 today to set up a consultation.

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Parenting can be easier

Parents often say to me, "OMG, am I doing this parenting thing right?" Maybe you're a parent that finds yourself losing your patience because you've told the kids multiple times to do a chore and it's still left unfinished? How about trying to get yourselves out the door in the morning and forgetting something or always feeling rushed? Maybe you and your partner don't agree on HOW to get these chores done or consequences for children when they don't?

Common parenting struggles I hear:


  • Children are not listening. “I’ve tried everything and nothing is working!”

  • Parent feels like they are constantly yelling. “I’m always correcting or directing them.”

  • When children are crying parent has a hard time managing their own emotions. “When my daughter is crying loudly, I just can’t take it!”


















These are struggles clients often come to me with and want some relief! Anyone in your shoes would, these types of relationship battles are notorious. Let's work together to eliminate these barriers so you can have the relationship you want with your children and spouse. We can find ways to increase cooperation while also creating warmer communication in the household. Parents have said to me after just a few sessions, "I didn't realize how much control I had over how I can set myself up for success." You can, and we will do it together in parent coaching. Call or text 651-208-2930 today to set up a consultation.

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